For Financial Advisors

An advisor-friendly 529 college savings plan

Your No. 1 job is to help your clients realize their financial goals. One goal many clients have is to save for college.

my529 is a clear, focused, and practical 529 plan that works for your clients — and you.

  • Benefits for your clients.
  • Benefits for you.

Benefits for your clients

By encouraging clients to invest with my529, you are showing them your commitment to building a thoughtful education investment portfolio. You are also demonstrating your sound financial judgment, not only with investing, but also with tax policy and fee management.

Key benefits of my529:

  • Diversified, low-cost investment options using Vanguard and Dimensional funds, and FDIC-insured accounts.
  • Tax-deferred growth.
  • Tax-free withdrawals for qualified higher education expenses, including K-12 tuition expenses.
  • No minimum investment requirements or startup fees.
  • Easy online and automated contribution options.
  • Simple rollover process.
  • Utah state income tax credits for Utah taxpayers.

Tools for you

my529 has many ways to assist you in guiding your clients toward their goal of saving for qualified higher education expenses, including K-12 tuition expenses.

Key features:

  • Open accounts online for multiple clients at the same time.
  • Limited power of attorney allows you to view and manage accounts. Set it up for clients at the same time you open their my529 accounts.
  • Data integration solutions allow you to seamlessly link your client’s my529 account to your portfolio management system.
  • Powerful online access simplifies the process.
  • A robust set of investment options, including customizable investment options, allows you to effectively guide your clients as they choose their best investment strategy.
  • Customized calculator makes it easy to build education investment portfolios and save templates for future clients.
  • Forms and documents can be completed online or downloaded as PDF files.
  • A professional services team to assist you is only a phone call away at 888.529.1886.
  • my529 earned Morningstar’s Analyst Rating™ of Gold for 2021. It was the 11th straight year my529 won Morningstar’s highest honor.